SAP Consolidates Analytics Apps into BusinessObjects Mobile

Pedro Hernandez

Updated · Jul 17, 2013

SAP has revamped its iOS app to serve as a one-stop mobile analytics solution.

The latest version (5.0) of SAP's BusinessObjects Mobile now offers users access to their data exploration, discovery and reporting features from within a single app, streamlining their workflows and eliminating the mobile equivalent of alt-tabbing to other apps. New social collaboration features, supplied by the company's Jam platform, enable users to share the business insights that they glean from the app.

As gadgets like the iPhone and iPad displace PCs as workers' go-to computing devices, organizations “cannot afford to have employees disconnected from the enterprise when critical decisions need to be made,” warned the company. SAP further cautions that “organizations are forced to answer business questions with old data or none at all” when they rely on piecemeal, non-mobile business intelligence implementations.

SAP's answer is to bundle several of its analytics and business intelligence technologies into one, social-enabled piece of mobile software.

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile 5 offers access to content from several of the company's formerly standalone analytics platforms. These include SA BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, Explorer, Dashboards and Design Studio. It also delivers functionality once reserved for SAP Crystal Reports, the EPM Unwired mobile app and Lumira Cloud.

On the enterprise social front, SAP Jam emerges as the default collaboration tool. Also included is support for the company's StreamWork real-time document collaboration platform. Voice annotations and “Exploration Views” round out the app's feature set.

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile 5 has undergone a visual overhaul, too. The company promises a “simplified experience” featuring improved navigation, a new tool bar and a refreshed home screen experience on the iPhone and iPad.

The improvements help propel SAP to the top of the mobile analytics space, according to BI Scorecard's Cindi Howson.

“With the latest release of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, SAP has brought several content types into one mobile client and enhanced the overall user experience. This consolidation of multiple applications and the improvements in navigation make SAP a leader in mobile BI among the BI platform vendors,” said Howson in press remarks.

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