SAP Lets Partners Share Custom Business Intelligence Apps

Vangie Beal

Updated · Sep 28, 2011

SAP (NYSE: SAP) has launched a new partner and reseller program that the enterprise software giant says will help customers find affordable, custom analytics and business intelligence applications.

The new “Build-and-Sell” program lets SAP channel partners build, market and sell their own custom-built analytic applications that are based on SAP’s BusinessObjects business intelligence technology portfolio.

This is an about-turn for SAP, which previously encouraged its partners to reuse their own content to address their own market needs. Now SAP is looking to boost its own SAP PartnerEdge program by encouraging partners to make application and analytics content they develop available to others.

Through the build and sell program, SAP offers channel partners the means to extend their reach by marketing and selling their intellectual property — designed to industry or functional specifications — to other resellers with similar needs throughout the SAP ecosystem. It also gives resellers looking to expand to new markets immediate access to pre-built vertical and horizontal applications that they can sell.

“The new build-and-sell model presents a compelling value proposition for all parties — customers, partners and SAP,” said Fritz Neumeyer, SAP’s senior vice president for Volume Reseller and Services Partners. “This new approach supports partners in delivering repeatable and sustainable solutions that are quickly deployable for rapid return on investment. The solutions are built upon the power of partners’ industry or line-of-business expertise.”

SAP said for its partners, the program will help them to identify and quickly deploy analytic applications that are custom-tailored to their own distinct industry needs – while also being affordable, offering fast time-to-value, and keeping total cost of ownership low for customers.

Within the pilot program, 10 partners have built and sold solutions to customers globally in various industries, including automotive, banking, insurance, retail and utilities.

SAP said customers have already seen the benefits from this new model. Laboratorios Industriales Farmaceuticos Ecuatorianos (LIFE), a pharmaceutical company located in Quito, Ecuador, has implemented an industry-specific analytic application, Pharmaceutical Data Warehouse, from SAP partner Noux.

“This solution allows us to analyze the performance of any product line across the criteria defined in its scope,” said Ivan Beltran, managing director at LIFE. “Our executives now have a tool that makes their work more intellectual and strategic, rather than just operational.”

The solutions can contain content such as key performance indicators (KPIs), visualizations, best practices and data models – all customized to specific industries. For example, another industry-specific application being offered by a partner through the program is designed for the retail industry. The prepackaged solution offers invoicing, stock position and stock replacement analysis over a top-selling ERP. The back-end, in this case, would be a partner-based company coupled with SAP BusinessObjects Edge.

“If you are a builder of content, then you can re-sell this content to and through other non-competitive partners in the SAP ecosystem. If you are a reseller of pre-built content, then this is an economically efficient way to meet the requirements of your customer whilst also significantly increasing your margin,” said SAP.


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