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Updated · Nov 26, 2001

Eyretel, a supplier of customer contact recording and analysis solutions, has applied its expertise to call centers with a product that enables management to analyze recordings of customer calls through natural language speech recognition technology.

Used in conjunction with Eyretel's Replay Studio, the company's customer contact analysis product, the speech recognition component ensures that appropriate customer service is being delivered. Replay Studio was designed to enhance call center operations through a rapid visual overview of large numbers of contact recordings and agent screen activity, allowing Web chat, e-mail preparation, collaborative browsing, and voice interaction to be reviewed; identify patterns with a glance, rather than random selection; and cut costs and improve efficiency by identifying strengths and weaknesses in systems and procedures.

Combining content mining of customer contact warehouses with data visualization techniques, businesses are able to identify and replay ‘significant' points within customer contacts. The company uses the example of a service call where a customer is talking over the agent, indicating an angry caller and a heated conversation.

“Identifying which calls and at what point in the conversation people mention specific groups of words or phrases, say product names or words like ‘price' and ‘service' enables contact center management to establish the nature of the call and more importantly, those calls which contain business insight,” said Nathan George, vice president of marketing at Eyretel. “Graphical displays of key names or phrases, represented by easy to identify symbols, enhances the identification and response process all the more. Analyzing calls in this way also helps spot trends and patterns of activity that can provide valuable management information. This will greatly enhance the way that contact centers respond to their customers and improve retention and resolution rates dramatically.”

Headquartered in Leatherhead in the UK, with offices in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, Australia and Brazil, Eyretel creates a comprehensive suite of recording, quality monitoring, analysis products and services. Eyretel's worldwide clients include The Regence Group, Canon ITS, Natsource, Global Crossing, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, ANZ Investment Bank, CGU, and Flightbookers.

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