Spectrum Research: Turn Information into Actionable Data

Mark J

Updated · Jan 12, 2011

Spectrum Corporation has released a new white paper entitled, “Technology, Analytics and the Successful Contact Center” in which the company postulates that there are a number of technologies operating in your contact center right now that could be better data sources for you — if you understand how to extract the information these solutions generate and turn it into actionable data. As note din this coverage of the new report by Susan J. Campbell at TMCnet, the key is to turn meaningful information into actionable data items and then make sure everyone can see that actionable data quickly and easily.

“The most critical technologies, according to Spectrum, are as follows:

“Workforce management. With information collected from WFM solutions, contact centers have real-time access to current, future and past schedules, eliminating the need for manual paper schedule distribution. Supervisors can use WFM tools to see their agents' schedules and to verify that agents have acknowledged schedule changes. If last minute changes are made, schedules are automatically updated and agents and supervisors are notified. WFM also improves agent adherence with pop-up windows with alerts to schedule changes and reminders of scheduled events like breaks, lunches and training as they occur throughout the day.

“The Help desk. The Help Desk is a central point through which problems or issues are reported and subsequently managed. From a wider perspective, it is also seen as a core part of the service function, responsible for bringing together multiple resources to address an issue. Because help desk users can be external or internal, the overall function is potentially critical in terms of both the organization's efficiency and the quality of direct support offered to customers.”

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