SugarCRM Announces Tour to Launch Sugar 6

Mark J

Updated · Apr 29, 2010

SugarCRM has recently announced its CRM Acceleration Spring World Tour schedule. The event, which will cover 16 cities on three continents in the coming weeks will introduce Sugar 6, SugarCRM's latest release of its flagship products.

“The CRM Acceleration events will be held in conjunction with leading SugarCRM partners, including Redpill Linpro in Scandinavia, The Sugar Refinery in the UK, and partners such as Epicom and Plus Consulting in the United States.

“The events consist of a mix of presentations from CRM leaders and customers, including a strategic planning presentation, in-depth product sessions, real-world demo scenarios, expert panels and customer use cases. CRM Accelerations are geared towards company leaders, both business and technical.”

Read the Spring World Tour News Release at Earth Times

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