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Updated · Apr 26, 2001

Sun Microsystems and PeopleSoft have announced a strategic alliance to deliver scalable, Internet-ready CRM solutions targeted at the communications and brokerage industries.

This alliance will see PeopleSofts integrated enterprise CRM solution being offered on Suns Solaris 8 Operating Environment and Java-based platforms. Sun and PeopleSoft will engage in joint sales, services and go-to-market activities. The companies will also collaborate on engineering efforts and work with customers in Sun’s iForce Ready Centre locations to create proof of concepts and develop architecture blueprints in an enterprise lab environment.

The companies state their aim is to provide scalability and functionality with an eye to helping customers establish closer and more profitable relationships with their customers. Jan Coetzee, PeopleSoft SA MD, says “Sun and PeopleSoft are focused on enabling brokerages and communications companies to reduce implementation time, lower total cost of ownership, ease integration and improve customer service, retention and profitability.”

Coetzee claims offering the PeopleSoft CRM in conjunction with Sun creates the first e-Business application to fully integrate front and back office departments and internal processes with customers, suppliers and employees.

This offer of integrating the internal workings of a company with its relationship with those outside the companys wall — customers and suppliers — indicates a belief that companies must extend beyond their borders in order to succeed. A company that allows a customer insight and control over certain aspects of the companys business — e.g. payment of invoices — relieves some administrative burden and gains additional customer data. A company that gives suppliers access to company data — stock levels, for example- similarly cuts down on administrative duties and feeds the suppliers data, allowing them to better anticipate future needs.

The theory is that this creates a more flexible, adaptive company. And, of course, it helps foster closer company relationships with both customers and suppliers — always good for business.

Sun and PeopleSoft’s move is itself an example of this extension of business borders. Apart from gaining each other’s expertise, they are able to feed each other customer data, are able to offer greater value with their joint offering and they are able to pool at least some of their marketing budget together, getting more bang for their buck.

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