The Untapped Small Business CRM Market

Mark J

Updated · Mar 25, 2011

When it comes to a small business service breakdown or a failure in marketing, CRM is not usually part of the vocabulary. This CRM Buyer article looks at the untapped CRM market and discusses the disconnect between the vendors and these potential customers.

“Most small-businesspeople do not look at a sales issue, a service breakdown or a failure in marketing and immediately flash on the acronym ‘CRM.' It's not part of the vocabulary. It's a concept they could benefit from — if only they understood what it was. The vendors looking to tap into this space should reframe the discussion of their products in terms of the problems small businesses face.

“As hard as it may be for CRM veterans to accept, there are still a great many businesses out there who don't have an application to track the customer and to feed data to sales, marketing and service. These businesses — mostly small — are not in the position to afford an employee designated as the CRM decision-maker or implementer; like the other activities in these businesses, customer relationship management is just one of a number of tasks being juggled by an all-too-small group of employees.”

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