Three Steps to a Successful CRM App

Mark J

Updated · Aug 16, 2010

Few would argue that CRM has been one of the most significant business trends and application categories to emerge over the past few decades.
According to this report on Destination CRM, the CRM application economy can help transform CRM into the true business-productivity platform it should be. For those looking to get involved in the growing CRM app ecosystem, this
article offers three key things to keep in mind.

“1. Easy Intelligence: Applying Maslov's hierarchy of needs to business, organizing and automating processes are essential first steps for successful CRM. But while workflow automation can bring in much-needed efficiencies, it will not make customer-facing teams more effective in engaging with those customers. To complicate matters further, buyer expectations are changing dramatically.

“Customer 2.0 is a savvy, socially engaged buyer who is much more informed about the companies, people, and products he is considering doing business with. And not surprisingly, this new breed of buyer expects salespeople to be more educated about his business, too. He wants to be engaged in a targeted and relevant conversation about how to solve his specific business challenges and urgent needs, not just receive a generic sales pitch.”

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