Vertical Alliance’s Biggest Fan Staff

Updated · Oct 18, 2001

Vertical Alliance, Inc., a Philadelphia-based company specializing in customer interaction and ticketing solutions for the sports, media and entertainment industries, has released FanTrackerTM to integrate with its Vertical TrackerTM application.

Individually, the applications provide comprehensive functions. Vertical Tracker is a CRM tool that incorporates content management, e-commerce, and data analytics into one package. The application serves as a data depot, open and available to the entire organization, providing key marketing information that organizations can use to sell more tickets, promote licensed merchandise and generate higher returns on performances, venues, staffing and overhead.

FanTracker, which adds onto Vertical Tracker, is a Web-based ticketing solution that enables companies to capture market intelligence about the desires, interests and passions of their fans. Additionally, FanTracker is a complete transactional package that allows for real-time ticket inventory control and reporting, complete ticket fulfillment and delivery as well as financial settlement.

Together, the solutions provide a centralized ticketing engine that integrates with all management functions and applications, while accepting information from multiple pathways — including the Web, box offices, call centers, and kiosks. The information can then be shared throughout the organization, re-purposed and deployed to create fan profiles, develop personalized marketing initiatives, undertake e-mail marketing campaigns, fine-tune advertising, implement loyalty and affinity programs, drive operations, as well as build online communities and fan clubs. Both products are available as either a software license, or as a turnkey Application Service Provider (ASP) solution.

“Ticketing for the live sports and entertainment industries is a $23 billion-a-year industry, projected to grow 56 percent annually through 2004,” says David Cooper, Vertical Alliance founder and CIO. “Yet, the industry is dominated by a handful of outside ticketing agencies that have yet to embrace the full power of customer relationship management and provide that service to venues, sports teams, entertainment companies and their management.”

Vertical Alliance, Inc. provides customer interaction and ticketing solutions to the sports, media and entertainment industries. Working with SFX, TicketMaster, IdeaLab!, dozens of bands, venues, and International Speedway Corporation, Vertical Alliance's Web-based, CRM-enabled ticketing applications were developed to help their clients get closer to their fans, or customers.

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