VirtuOz Announces Rapid Adapt Virtual Agent Solution Staff

Updated · Jun 25, 2010

VirtuOz has recently announced the latest version of its virtual agent solution, VirtuOz Rapid Adapt. The new release provides an adaptive virtual agent system that continually learns and improves with every customer interaction. According to the company in its product release statement, this
new release automates the training of virtual agents and evaluation of virtual agents’ performance.
Also new in the release is 'AutoLearn', a new patent-pending technology for
analyzing input and building solutions that go far beyond simple keyword
analysis. The solution intelligently groups user conversations to determine the
true intent of customers. 

“AutoLearn: The latest release of VirtuOz has new patent-pending technology that takes interactions from customers and automatically analyzes and groups similar input, and identifies solutions to improve the agent’s performance – making it fast and easy for VirtuOz agents to learn about new topics. VirtuOz’s industry leading techniques for analyzing input and building solutions go far beyond simple keyword analysis. The solution intelligently groups user conversations to determine the true intent of customers. Each group is automatically analyzed and AutoLearn offers potential solutions for the virtual agent administrator to review. An administrator can choose among multiple automatically generated solutions or create a new solution that can easily be applied to the virtual agent. AutoLearn helps a virtual agent learn to handle new types of user inquiries and refine its ability to discern subtle differences between user needs. The result is that every conversation users have with the virtual agent improves the experience for future customer interactions.

“Voice of the Customer: Leveraging the same underlying patent-pending technology as AutoLearn, VirtuOz has created a new application that complements the VirtuOz Virtual Agent Solution called VirtuOz Voice of the Customer. This externally-focused application takes customer interactions from multiple data sources, and not only groups these interactions by user intent, but it monitors trends occurring in these conversations. Thus, companies can see which customer topics of conversations are trending up or down or are appearing for the first time. This grants organizations unprecedented insight into the issues, topics and questions that are top of mind of their customers in real time from the actual conversations of customers. This insight enables organizations to react more swiftly to customer issues and take advantage of trends customers are interested in.”

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