Worldleaders Announces New Sales Force Automation System

Mark J

Updated · Jul 15, 2010

Worldleaders has recently introduced its next generation Sales Force Automation (SFA) system that has been specifically designed for the small to medium size high technology industry.
As reported in this story on The Financial Post, Worldleaders SFA is the first Sales Force Automation system that combines sales method improvement and technology sales specialization into a single system.

“The system is offered as a low-risk, monthly, Software-as-a-Service license, allowing companies to get up and running quickly with no impact to current sales cycles. Worldleaders SFA is designed to integrate smoothly with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations. Customers will be able to extend their existing lead generation and customer relationship systems by adding Worldleaders SFA to provide automated deal flow and sales dashboard functionality.”

Read the Full “Worldleaders Automates Proven Sales Method with New Sales Force Automation System” Story at The Financial Post

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