XtremeData Announces DBX 100 Analytical Data Appliances

Mark J

Updated · May 14, 2010

XtremeData has announced availability of the dbX 100 Series of desk-side analytical data warehouse appliances. According to the company in its news release, the appliance leverages the Cray CX1 desk-side supercomputer and offers unmatched super computing price/performance for business intelligence (BI) analysts and statistical researchers in an affordable departmental-sized system package.

“DbX 100 Series is a fully-integrated ‘appliance', incorporating all the components of an analysis system: storage, computing, interconnect network and database engine. This system eliminates the significant labor costs incurred in configuration, integration, and performance tuning, resulting in quick deployment, low cost and a minimal risk development path. All methodology, processes, and analytic queries developed on the dbX 100 Series will automatically scale to the larger dbX 1000 Series system to accommodate petabytes of data.”

Read the Full News Release at XtremeData.com

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