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Zendesk Analytics Tool Helps Companies Understand 'Silent' Customers

By Ann All     Feedback

The provider of help desk software says its new analytics feature gives companies direct visibility into how customers use self-service content. This insight can help them optimize their self-service strategies.

Most help desk software focuses on trying to solve the problems of customers who have already complained or asked for help. Zendesk, a software provider with a client list that includes Adobe, Sony, OpenTable and Groupon, wants to help organizations prevent their customers from ever getting to that point.

Zendesk is adding a Search Analytics feature to its software that will help Zendesk clients understand how their customers try to help themselves by using self-service content. Zendesk calls this insight into how self-service customers behave "a powerful tool that organizations can use to help shape their customer service strategy."

The Search Analytics feature can be viewed through the Reporting Dashboard that Zendesk uses to delivers key metrics to its clients.

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Using self-service tools to help customers independently find the answers to their questions can increase customer satisfaction, while lowering support costs. Yet customers can get frustrated and costs can actually increase, if organizations lack a measurable way to see if customers are effectively finding the answers they need via self-service content.

“Organizations with a solid understanding of the quality and helpfulness of their self-service content can better understand where there customers are struggling and getting frustrated.  As a result, they can now see where there are problem areas and optimize self-service content appropriately," said Mikkel Svane, Zendesk’s CEO.

This article was originally published on March 15, 2012
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