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Terracotta In-Memory Technology to Fuel Software AG Cloud Computing Offerings

By Vangie Beal     Feedback

Acquiring Terracotta enables Software AG to offer cloud computing solutions that will boost the performance of its PaaS-based business process management solutions.

Software AG will acquire Terracotta, which offers some of the most widely-used software for application scalability, availability and performance.

Terracotta is the developer of Ehcache, the open source distributed data cache for Java applications, and the Java add-on for Enterprise Ehcache called BigMemory. Terracotta makes its software available as both open source projects and commercial products.

According to Software AG, the acquisition will enable the company to provide cloud solutions and dramatically increase the performance and scalability of its business process management (BPM) solutions, including the Business Process Excellence platform. Terracotta's product portfolio provides in-memory technology and is the de facto caching standard for enterprise Java.

Acquiring Terracotta also extends Software AG's business model options by adding a large and thriving open source community.

"The integration of Terracotta's technology with our product portfolio is a major step in ensuring that our customers can fully benefit from the convergence of cloud computing, the mobile web, complex event processing and real-time, multi-party collaboration through unprecedented levels of performance and scalability," Software AG CTO Wolfram Jost said in a statement. "Software AG is also committed to fully supporting Terracotta's open source communities in further developing this next generation in-memory technology."

Terracotta's in-memory processing technology is expected to provide the foundation technology for Software AG's cloud offerings. Software AG said this technology will enable the company to increase revenue through significantly larger business process excellence projects such as complex event processing, mobile technology, cloud distribution and virtualization.

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Following the acquisition, Software AG said its customers will have the most advanced technology solution available for analyzing vast amounts of data more efficiently and cost-effectively and to provide real-time business information and insights and greater control over business processes and operations.

Software AG expects to release the first combined products in the fourth quarter of this year. The company's cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) roll-out will be in 2012.

The acquisition has been approved by the Supervisory Board of Software AG. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approvals, and is expected to close next month.


This article was originally published on May 24, 2011
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