AppFormix Debuts ContainerFlow to Monitor Docker Apps

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Sumeet Singh, founder and CEO of AppFormix, discusses his company's latest innovation, which aims to enhance visibility into container application workloads. [VIDEO]

Sumeet Singh, founder and CEO of AppFormix, has been busy over the last 12 months. In June 2015, Singh raised   $7 million in a Series A funding round, to help build application visibility, performance and scheduling technology.

The technology expanded in April with support for Intel's Resource Director Technology (RDT) and is now expanding further with a new service called ContainerFlow. ContainerFlow's promise is that it can provide organizations with visibility into their container application workloads. Going a step further, it can also help ensure that container apps get the best performance.

In a video interview, Singh discusses the new ContainerFlow service and how he's continuing to push his company forward.

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Watch the full video below:

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This article was originally published on June 23, 2016
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