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Sean Michael

Sean Michael is a writer who focuses on innovation and how science and technology intersect with industry, technology Wordpress, VMware Salesforce, And Application tech. TechCrunch Europas shortlisted her for the best tech journalist award. She enjoys finding stories that open people's eyes. She graduated from the University of California.

SugarCRM 5 Pulling Against Closed Source CRM

The multi-billion-dollar market for CRM software is hotly contested by closed source vendors like SAP, Oracle and among others, all of whom spend tens of millions of dollars marketing their wares. Can open source compete? John Roberts, CEO of…

John Roberts, CEO, SugarCRM

John Roberts is a man on a mission to change the CRM industry. As the founder and CEO of open source startup SugarCRM, Roberts is competing in an industry with strongly entrenched and well-financed competitors. Roberts officially launched SugarCRM in…