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Sean Michael

Sean Michael is a writer who focuses on innovation and how science and technology intersect with industry, technology Wordpress, VMware Salesforce, And Application tech. TechCrunch Europas shortlisted her for the best tech journalist award. She enjoys finding stories that open people's eyes. She graduated from the University of California.

Card Transaction Methods: An In-Depth Overview

Card Transaction Methods

Card transactions have become an integral part of the global economy, facilitating quick, convenient, and secure payments for goods and services. As technology continues to advance, the methods of card transactions are evolving, offering a range of options to cater…

How to Improve Your Vocabulary for Essays

Improve Your Vocabulary for Essays

A powerful vocabulary can be a game-changer in essay writing. It breathes life into your words, making your writing resonate with clarity and sophistication. In this article, the spotlight is on strategies to pump up your vocabulary, tailoring your arsenal…