Web Hosting Provider HostArmada Might Be A Game Changer In The Hosting World With Its Excellent Features

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Updated · Apr 11, 2024

Web Hosting Provider HostArmada Might Be A Game Changer In The Hosting World With Its Excellent Features

HostArmada is comparatively new to the hosting world, however in a short period, it has outshined some of its major rivals. It offers outstanding loading speed, sci-fi-themed plan names, comprehensive customer experience, and great value as well. It shows that HostArmada pushed the envelope from all the right directions.

People who are looking for a wide-range, personal website, portfolio, or small-trade websites, customer–focused place for blogs, can check out HostArmada’s shared hosting plans. Here we will delve into HostArmada’s, performance, features, accessibility, support, and pricing stack up to give a comprehensive overview to customers.

Key Features And Analysis Of New Hosting Provider HostArmada

Security, Speed And Transparency

HostArmada provides excellent speed and security features. The entry-level shared or WordPress hosting plan of Start Dock plan offered by HostArmada provides 15 GB storage, support for one website, a free domain name and SSL certificate, and an unlimited email option.  It has reserves that are apt for inclusive small-to-medium web projects such as personal portfolios and a virtual store.

HostArmada offers interesting features in the entry-level plan. The bandwidth of the Start Dock plan has been set at a suitable usage range of 3GB to 30GB, inspiring customers to elevate their plan when they wish to rather than daunting hard limits. Other features of HostArmada as well are quite transparent.

Multitudinous-Level Security Resolutions And Free SSL

HostArmada offers the same security traits in all of its hosting plans, unlike some other web hosting providers.  It shows that HostArmada treats every customer equally irrespective of the scope or range of their web project. All hosting plans offered by HostArmada have free SSL certificates, which is essential for maintaining users’ trust. All plans include SSL installation and renewal of all SSL certificates takes place automatically.

HostArmada provides PHP hardening, that eliminates possible susceptibilities from the website configuration. It also supports an amazing range of PHP versions, so your older website can exist safely. Other security features are provided with the Imunify360 suite, which is a third-party facility offering security features such as upload scanning, spam and bot blocking, and database patching. Imunify360 is an awesome value-added facility that comes along with all HostArmada plans.

Potent Caching And NGINX

Many tests reveal that the HostArmada website has scored well above average in terms of site speed owing to the NGINX web server and a patented service known as Cache Commander. All hosting plans of HostArmada offer Cache Commander by default and they also allow control over the static and dynamic site cache. Users can clear the cache directly from cPanel.

HostArmada also offers Cloudflare CDN facility for edge caching of the website assets on servers near international visitors. Users need to create their free account on the Cloudflare website as it is not designed into any of the standard plans, however, support can effectively guide them through the setup procedure.

Users will be required to level up to the highest tier called the ‘Speed Reaper’ plan for the additional -speedy LiteSpeed web server. This plan might be a good choice for users who operate multiple large websites and it is not hugely expensive also.

Sensible Storage Limits

For the single WordPress site, the 15GB storage comes along with a Start Dock plan, which is more than enough.  Blogs, magazine-style sites, and portfolios can accumulate several images and assets, that can consume space.  For all these facilities and features a better plan and more resources are required.

When we talk about web storage, nothing is infinite and hosts that offer everything unlimited usually have a secreted cap. However, HostArmada is quite transparent in this context, customers might have to level up their plan sooner or later.

It Has A Simple Dashboard No Extra Practice Is Required

The management dashboard of HostArmada is user-friendly and simple. It allows people to perform simple site management tasks quickly. The Support section is always there to help if users face any difficulty. HostArmada doesn’t continuously promote its plans or drive add-ons through the dashboard. It shows that HostArmada understands and respects that customers will level up their plan whenever they feel the need.

Signing Up For A New Account With HostArmada

The process of creating a new account is straightforward and smooth and goes in a step-wise manner. Customers should focus on the auto-selected Privacy Protection add-ons that avert the contact details linked to customers’ domain name registration from being visible online, however, if they do not require it they can stop paying for it anyway. Easy and secure payment is processed via PayPal or credit card only.

Linking a Domain and Installing WordPress

Verification occurs within a minute and then customers can log in to the HostArmada dashboard. Customers need to wait for DNS propagation after registration of the domain. DNS propagation can take place within a few hours or a maximum of three days. However, this delay occurs with all other hosts not just with HostArmada.

With the one-click Softaculous installer in cPanel, WordPress was set. Customers need to use a strong password with any WordPress install. They will also be required to clear the cache through Cache Commander to view their sites at their domains. Cache Commander can be easily found as the Clear Cache control is quite evident in the dashboard.

Connecting a Domain and Installing WordPress

Controlling The Website Through cPanel Is Easy And Consistent

cPanel helps customers set up FTP accounts and emails and Customers can use the search feature in the cPanel to find what they require rather than scrolling through several rows of app icons.

Account And Usage Information Are Clear And Easily Accessible

HostArmada has a light dashboard in a positive way. There are fewer options given in the dashboard for customers to avoid confusion. Apart from cPanel, there is another dashboard feature which is called the Product Details area, it is the only other feature in the dashboard.

In the Product Details area, customers can check their bandwidth usage and disk space, purchase add-ons, and billing cycle. Some cPanel shortcuts in this space are also available in HostArmada. It is better for customers to configure these shortcuts on their own.

Account and Usage Details Are Clear and Accessible

A Speedy and Dependable Shared Hosting Plan

With a super easy setup and great features, HostArmada offers great server speed that is known as its key feature. When it comes to shared hosting, there is always a concern that utilizing the same resources as other clients will delay things, however, this does not happen with HostArmada. Experts reveal that a testing website repeatedly loaded fully within 130 milliseconds without a CDN installed.

HostArmada heavily delivers on its shared hosting aptitudes with constantly fast loading times below 1.5 seconds, and usually under 1.1 seconds along with 99.98 percent uptime over 30 days.



Fast loading time is quite crucial to catch the lasting attention span of the contemporary web user. GTMetrix quantifies the speed of site loading in a specific span of time. It has found that HostArmada has scored straight ‘A’s in all areas such as time to fully load, time to first byte, and general performance.


Sucuri Load Time Tester

Experts said that outcomes of testing sites varied outside of the US, however, they were usually slower only and they opted for a US data center during setup. The Singapore test site required more than two seconds to load, though these times can be enhanced with a CDN. Not all HostArmada shared hosting plans have preinstalled Cloudflare CDN, but it can easily be integrated. Customer support can integrate the CDN without any additional charges to improve international loading times after customers sign up for a Cloudflare account.

Sucuri Load Time Tester


The test site recorded 99.98 percent uptime within one month, and only one outage was reported. These outcomes keep up with HostArmada’s 99.9 percent uptime assurance. Experts have revealed that HostArmada permits exemptions to uptime in incidents of scheduled or unscheduled upkeep and offers compensation for downtime in the form of credits. However, most users can rest assured, as HostArmada guarantees a remarkably steady uptime, reducing worries about getting reimbursement.


Quick and Brief Customer Support

HostArmada stands out among many of its rival hosts available in terms of customer support services. Ticketing, chat support, and support on call are accessible 24/7, and the host claims a 99 percent issue resolution. Experts have found that responses through the chat interface are quite fast.

Normal Budget Pricing for Better-Than-Usual Package

HostArmada appears to have learned from other hosting providers’ pricing systems and made its initial pricing very cost-effective and competitive as well. Eventually, prices for each level of shared hosting are quite similar, hence customers can easily level up their plans by paying just one or two dollars extra each month.

However, the price displayed for each plan will not be the same for the entire period of subscription. Experts advise that customers should review the renewal rates as they are particularly greater than the initial marketing prices before buying a plan.

The entry-level subscription offers quite adequate value for the price of a sole WordPress website. Customers who want to host multiple sites can opt for the Web Warp plan. For customers having multiple asset-heavy websites, the LiteSpeed-driven Speed Reaper plan might be an apt choice for them. HostArmada also provides dedicated hosting, along with reseller plans that might be beneficial for customers like a web development agency.

All reseller plans support LiteSpeed web server software. Customers can make payments via PayPal or credit cards and HostArmada offers a 45-day money-back promise with all shared hosting subscriptions. Customers need to be aware of the aforementioned auto-selected privacy add-ons while they make the payment for their plans, nevertheless, the payment process is quite smooth, painless, and straightforward.


HostArmada tops the chart in terms of friendly user experience, features, performance, customer support, and pricing as well, which makes it an apt choice for people who are searching for smooth and dependable shared hosting. Experts say that HostArmada’s emphasis on excellent web server software as well as its fast and user-friendly support system are exceptional in a jam-packed market, and these features makes the company stand apart as a customer-centric and reliable place to host web project.

Last but not least, experts say that the simple language and transparency on the HostArmada site are like a breath of fresh air for people who find it hard to decipher the cryptic hosting features of other hosting providers.


Can other users access all files available on a shared hosting plan?

Most hosting suppliers that provide shared hosting incorporate account isolation, protecting customers’ files from other users on shared servers. All shared hosting plans offered by HostArmada come with an account isolation service. Well, there is also a downside to it as customers will share the resources of the server, therefore, a huge traffic to another user’s site might impact the loading speed of some customers’ websites.

Is a CDN always required?

A CDN, also known as a content delivery network provides multiple advantages such as faster speed of site loading across zones of the world quite away from the selected data center. A CDN can provide enhanced traffic management and improved Google rankings as well. HostArmada provides Cloudflare CDN for free and helps users incorporate it after they subscribe to a plan.

Which hosting subscriptions are suitable for WordPress?

WordPress sites are available in all shapes and dimensions, therefore, customers should assess websites based on their particular needs and requirements. Customers should know that that sites with multiple pages contain more information, and consequently have bigger databases. Pictures, videos, or large files that can be downloaded occupy more space on the server, and websites with millions of daily visitors require higher bandwidth.

Does selecting a specific data center make a difference?

A data center, which is neared to site visitors will load up the website quite fast. Hence, it is crucial to select a data center, which is closer to customers’ primary consumers. If the user base is spread across the world, a CDN might be beneficial in loading the site quickly anywhere across the globe. However, the best-quality web server configuration is of the highest importance no matter where site visitors belong.

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