Adobe Marketing Cloud Makes Move to ‘Mobile First’

Pedro Hernandez

Updated · Mar 06, 2013

 Adobe Marketing Cloud is about to grow much more accommodating of mobile devices, including Android smartphones and tablets like the iPad. The company announced today that it is adding new mobile marketing capabilities, enabling customers to better target, reach and measure consumers in the age of ubiquitous mobility.

Why now?

Mobile can no longer take a backseat to Web marketing, argues Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager of Adobe Digital Marketing.

“Mobile now accounts for 25 percent of the analytics data we capture each quarter. Marketers must think ‘mobile first' when developing strategies, campaigns and content,” he said in a company statement. “We have added new mobile marketing capabilities to every solution in Adobe Marketing Cloud, so marketers can better meet the expectations of an increasingly mobile customer base.”

Those capabilities include new built-in analytics features that allow marketers to measure and visualize mobile app metrics like user acquisition, engagement and retention among users. Adobe Analytics now integrates with Distimo, which delivers app store data on downloads, rankings and revenue for insights on app user engagement.

Social media looms large over the sweeping update as well.

Social apps created in Adobe Social now “appear and work properly when viewed on a mobile device,” said the company. For marketers, this can be huge time-saver. “This means that marketers don't have to develop a separate app for a mobile environment,” claims Adobe.

In terms of generating those mobile ads, Adobe Experience Manager boasts new capabilities that help advertisers align their creative efforts with the technical quirks of a booming mobile device ecosystem. Ad makers can preview and optimize the delivery of video and images on tablets and smartphones during the authoring process. Experience Manager also supports PhoneGap, Adobe's cross-platform app building framework.

Updates to Adobe Media Optimizer now enable users to further distinguish mobile and desktop ads with modeling and bidding capabilities unique to each type of advertisement. Adobe Analytics integration eases the gathering and reporting of engagement metrics and conversions on mobile sites. The company has also combined and updated its mobile analytics and optimization software development kits (SDKs) for improved targeting and personalized adverts that leverage device type, operating system and geo-location data.

The new, mobile-centric Adobe Marketing Cloud is currently in beta. The company plans to officially roll out the new features during the second quarter.

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