Infor Connects ERP with CRM

Ann All

Updated · Mar 12, 2012

Only a few months into its partnership with, business software provider Infor has released Inforce Everywhere, an application built on Salesforce's platform that links Infor ERP data with Salesforce CRM.

According to Infor, Inforce Everywhere keeps core CRM data like contacts, quotes, and orders in sync with data from ERP, and gives customer-facing personnel access to relevant information such as shipments, invoices, receivables and returns. Users also can create and maintain contacts and accounts in both ERP and CRM systems, providing a single connection point.

The cloud-based application utilizes Infor's Infor10 ION middleware to integrate the ERP and CRM data.

Inforce Everywhere is currently available for Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN), Infor10 Distribution iBusiness (A+) and Infor10 Distribution Business (SX.e). Later this year, Infor plans to deliver at least two more applications on the platform, Inforce Ordering and Inforce Marketing.

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