Insight Engines Aims for More Data Insights with $15.8M Series A

Sean Michael

Updated · Jul 20, 2017

Getting value out of data is something that all organizations are trying to do with as much efficiency as possible. Startup Insight Engine is aiming to help organizations with that challenge, thanks to a new $15.8 million Series A round of funding.

Insight Engines was founded in 2015 with the promise of helping enterprises to unlock the value of machine data to make it accessible and actionable. The company’s first product was Insight Engines Cyber Security Investigator for Splunk, and with the new funding the goal is to expand the product portfolio.

“We started this company because every organization is making massive investments to harness their machine data but they all suffer from the same hiring, training and accessibility issues around it,” Grant Wernick, co-founder and CEO of Insight Engines, said in a statement. “We enable companies to expand their hiring pool, simplify training and accelerate their ability to extract knowledge from their data.”

“Today our technology is primarily used for security purposes, transforming novices into ninja analysts and enabling the most advanced analysts to move faster,” Wernick added. “Long term, we will apply similar innovations to solve problems beyond security, such as IT operations, application delivery and business analytics.”

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Sean Michael
Sean Michael

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