SAS Jumps on Hadoop Bandwagon

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Updated · Mar 06, 2012

Confirming the red-hot status of Apache Hadoop, an open source data architecture for processing large data sets, SAS has included Hadoop support in its updated SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server.

“Bringing powerful SAS Analytics to Hadoop takes advantage of its distributed processing capabilities and helps effectively manage Hadoop deployments,” said Jim Davis, SAS senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “Hadoop lacks good tools to develop and manage complex deployments. SAS' extensive data and analytics management software helps enterprises pull value from Hadoop deployments using minimal resources.”

SAS says several features within its enhanced Enterprise Data Integration Server support Hadoop, and Big Data in general. Among them:

  • SAS features such as job flow builder, visual editor, syntax checker and others are extended to Hive, Pig, MapReduce and HDFS commands.
  • SAS augments native Hadoop security with SAS data security provisions, including authorization and data lineage.
  • SAS supports popular Hadoop distributions including Cloudera, Hortonworks and EMC Greenplum.
  • SAS data quality and profiling cover data moving in or out of Hadoop.
  • SAS access extends SAS capabilities such as visual analytics explorer, text mining and analytics to Hadoop data.
  • Hadoop data can be federated along with data from other sources, including the ability to embed the federated query in a data management job flow.

Hadoop is the latest of more than three dozen data sources supported in the Enterprise Data Integration Server, including Oracle, IBM's DB2, Microsoft's SQL Server, Teradata including Teradata Aster, Sybase, Netezza, EMC Greenplum and MySQL.

SAS is positioning itself for what it sees as the increased movement of analytic processing into databases, announcing its Information Management solution will soon deliver greater support for Big Data, data governance, master data management and decision management.

“SAS Information Management enables customers to exploit and govern information assets, resulting in competitive differentiation and sustained business success,” said Mark Troester, SAS IT/CIO strategist. “SAS Information Management uniquely integrates management of data, analytics and decision processes across the entire information continuum.”

A growing number of companies are offering analytics software designed to leverage Hadoop's processing power. A recent Enterprise Apps Today article offered examples of Eight Business-changing Ways to Use Big Data.

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