10 Reasons Why Your CRM Might Fail

Mark J

Updated · Oct 06, 2010

By connecting the dots between the data that your team puts into the CRM system and the value you derive from it, this 1 to 1 Media report suggests that you can determine how to protect your CRM investment with these 10 CRM system reevaluation tips.

“2. Drive process alignment: Your CRM fields, reports, and screen flow must match the way people actually use the system and its outputs. This alignment must be constantly tended as processes and people change. Many companies commonly struggle in the quest for process alignment because they take the ‘kitchen-sink view' of their business. Instead, they should work toward simplifying user screens, rather than providing one screen that contains every field in the system. This is a huge part of aligning CRM systems with end-user workflow. Decision-tree wizards and custom page layouts allow your users to retrieve the data they need, at the point in their workflow when they need it. Updates like these result in significant, ongoing system ROI in many organizations.”

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