3 Small Business CRM Software Offerings

Mark J

Updated · Nov 01, 2010

Small business CRM (customer relationship management) is a growing market, and for good reason. As reported on E-commerce-Guide.com, most small business CRM systems provide the tools needed to better manage a number of business communications tasks such as organizing and managing contacts, partners, contract wins and sales leads.

“1. Email Marketing 2.0 and Integrated CRM by Infusionsoft: Infusionsoft’s Email Marketing 2.0 for entrepreneurs and small businesses puts a focus on email marketing, but the software offers additional small business CRM features such as contact management, company tracking, customer tracking as well as follow-up and lead management.

“The permission-based email marketing tools let you create sign-up forms for your website, and these leads are automatically tracked by the CRM. You can then send targeted email campaigns based on the form-generated data and track the email marketing campaigns through the CRM reporting.

“The integrated CRM functions of Email Marketing 2.0 lets small business ecommerce owners store leads, prospects and customers in a centralized database. As the customer or company relationship develops, you continue to add all details of transactions and communications to the application and associate it to that specific customer.”

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