7 Tips to Overcome CRM Obstacles

Mark J

Updated · Nov 30, 2010

A myriad of issues still blight CRM projects – some of which are much the same as when organizations began to implement CRM a decade or so ago. This report on MyCustomer offers experts discussion of the main obstacles to successful CRM and how to overcome them.

“‘Making a strategic CRM implementation a success takes some time, but if you can get it right it will transform your business,' insists Sage CRM evangelist David Beard. ‘It requires consultancy and facilitation to help an organisation define its priorities, enable process change and ensure an uneventful transition. Indeed, one of the major challenges for companies implementing and running CRM remains in securing full organisational commitment from execs through to users in the field.

“‘For this reason, it's critical that firms spend time actively educating the business on the ways in which making better use of data and insights can enable the organisation to win more deals, retain more customers and help reduce costs. Only then can firms ensure they are reaping the full benefit of the CRM system they have invested in – after all, the data that comes out of a CRM solution is ultimately only going to be as good as the data that goes in.'”

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