A Look at SAP’s Mobile Strategy

Mark J

Updated · Jul 26, 2010

SAP’s mobile strategy involves developing business apps for specific platforms such as Google Android and Apple iPhone,
as indicated by this eWEEK report. The company still remains close-lipped about its Sybase acquisition leaving some to wonder how the deal is going to affect the company’s mobile strategy going forward.

“‘In the past 18 months, what we’ve been noticing is that device-specific experiences are the ones getting huge amounts of adoption,’ George Mathew, SAP’s general vice president and general manager for Business Intelligence & In-Memory Analytics, said during a July 22 interview with eWEEK. ‘There is a real compelling strategy for us to create a minimum baseline for how BI content is more actively shared between devices; that’s the starting point for creating device-specific experiences.’

“SAP’s $5.8 billion acquisition of Sybase, announced May 12, was widely regarded as the start of a major shift in the enterprise-software landscape. In addition to allowing SAP to stay competitive with Oracle via new revenue streams, it also opened the door for the company to consolidate and expand its mobile offerings via Sybase’s mobile technology.”

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