A Microsoft Stack For Enterprise Apps

Mark J

Updated · Jan 18, 2011

To compete in the enterprise with the likes of IBM (NYSE: IBM), Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL), SAP (NYSE: SAP) and Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) , Josh Greenbaum of
InfoWorld believes that Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has to take a more direct approach. In this recent article Greenbaum suggests that the “new tack” will be Microsoft’s own version of the
stack wars, in which Azure, fueled by the Dynamics ERP products and partners’ enterprise software and services, becomes the leading edge of an increasing focus on direct sales to the enterprise.

“Indeed, the growing realization that the cloud is taking over mindshare (though not walletshare — yet) in the enterprise has been sharpening the focus of executives across the industry. And while Muglia was great at building a strong Server and Tools Business (STB) and a strong partner channel for the products, would he necessarily be the right guy to help shift gears and help position Microsoft for a C-level dialogue about the new enterprise a la Microsoft? I don’t think so.”

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