Accenture Expands Offering with Customer Analytics Acquisition

Mark J

Updated · May 19, 2010

Accenture Interactive has entered into an agreement to acquire assets from CadenceQuest, Inc., a privately-held Arlington, Va.-based company that specializes in customer data and analytics for the retail sector. According to the company in this Market Watch news release, the proposed acquisition of CadenceQuest, Inc. would expand the suite of digital, marketing analytics, retail marketing and merchandising solutions and platforms offered by Accenture Interactive.

“The CadenceQuest deal also is intended to help Accenture Interactive achieve its vision of becoming the premier provider of marketing technology and related services in its field.

“CadenceQuest’s Customer Insight software platform is a self-service analytical platform that allows retail decision makers to perform analyses on high-targeted customer segments, which enables them to gain deep insight about their customers and their behaviors. CadenceQuest’s capabilities, in combination with Accenture Interactive data mining, analytics and business intelligence capabilities, would enhance the delivery of on-demand, real-time customer insights that can be used to support the development and execution of customer loyalty, merchandising and marketplace strategies.”

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