Access TRACKWeb CRM Application From Your Handheld Staff

Updated · Feb 02, 2001

FREMONT, CA–Soffront Software, Inc., has announced the introduction of TRACKWeb Mobile,
which they say allows full functional control over the TRACKWeb database and ubiquitous
access to critical information anytime, anywhere, using a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
device with an Internet connection.

Soffront, who claims they are a leader in the e-CRM market, says this new feature provides
TRACKWeb users, who rely upon the application, flexibility, mobility, and freedom to utilize
the TRACKWeb CRM application or any of its individual components for work assignments and
management of important projects. They say sales staff in the field, technicians at a
customer’s site, development managers at a branch office, and traveling corporate executives
now have quick access to a TRACKWeb database live over the Internet. Users can interact with
the corporate database in real-time to check the latest information, post updates, or send
email notification to their colleagues.

Here are some of the advantages Soffront says TRACKWeb Mobile offers:

  • Field Sales Representatives can check a customer’s account history, add
    notes, or create a new account directly into the corporate database.
    Any updates or notes posted by assistants or managers are available
    immediately, providing a sales person with the needed edge to close a
    deal on the spot. The automatic email notification feature enables
    users to assign tasks to others, i.e. expedite shipments or check the
    status of an order.
  • Sales Managers can keep a close eye on the performance of the company
    sales force and pinpoint weak areas where extended support is needed.
  • Customers can use their PDA to submit support requests, notify the
    support staff, check the status of existing requests, or consult a
    knowledge base for self-help.
  • Field Support has the ability to query assigned issues, check the
    status of an existing request, and update or escalate an issue, all via
    a PDA.
  • Support Managers can effectively monitor the performance of their
    department and the workload of each support personnel as well as
    monitor the quality of support provided to key customers. Managers can
    also remotely assign support requests to the appropriate staff based
    upon their expertise and workload or change the priority and urgency
    assigned to a particular request. In addition, TRACKWeb Mobile can
    automatically inform the manager with neglected support issues via
  • Quality Assurance Managers have the ability to check the status of bugs
    remotely from any location thus providing an effective tool for timely
    project completion and defect resolution before a scheduled release.

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