Actian Launches ParAccel Big Data Analytics

Pedro Hernandez

Updated · Jul 11, 2013

Following up its April 25 deal to buy ParAccel, an analytics database company, Redwood City, Calif.-based Actian today announced the launch of the ParAccel Big Data Analytics platform.

ParAccel’s technology, which relies on massively parallel processing, is an integral part of Redshift, Amazon’s data analytics product, and is also used by The Royal Bank of Scotland, OfficeMax and MicroStrategy, among others.

Today, less than three months after the companies joined forces, Actian is signaling that it’s ready to help businesses of all sizes reap the benefits of Big Data analytics.

“We believe that every company, no matter its size, should harness the promise of Big Data and analytics, and we’ve invested hundreds of man-years and millions of dollars to deliver two scalable, completely modern platforms,” said Actian CEO Steve Shine in remarks.

One of those platforms is ParAccel Big Data Analytics. Built to allow business users without a foundation in deep data science to run sophisticated analytics, the product offers new functionality, including high-speed data provisioning, data discovery and native Hadoop analytics, according to the company.

ParAccel Big Data Analytics includes expanded analytic libraries, allowing for targeted use cases including customer segmentation, fraud prevention and digital marketing optimization. The offering is also designed to accommodate an organization of any size. “A highly scalable platform that addresses a continuum of analytics needs from startups and midmarket to large-scale enterprises,” boasted the company.

“To win in the Age of Data, organizations must become action-enabled enterprises with access to unconstrained analytics and frictionless data integration. Our modular approach delivers the quickest time to value with phenomenal scalability to future-proof your business,” said Shine.

Along with ParAccel Big Data Analytics, the company announced another platform today. Dubbed Actian DataCloud Platform, the cloud-based product offers cloud and on-premise application and data integration services.

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