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Updated · Jan 02, 2001

A recent discussion on E-Commerce Guide's EC Talk involved possible eCRM

BR posed the original list of needs:
“I am working on eCRM solutions for my company and am
looking for recommendations on providers of the following

       *Search Engine
       *Live Help
       *E-mail management
       *News feeds/content management
       *Multi-language support

I am particularly interested in which technologies are being
used currently by successful companies with a strong web
presence. If you have insight please provide, including the
name of the company so that I can visit the website.”

Here are some suggestions the list members produced:

RR offered the first recommendation:
“Look at They are the best at email managing.”

JR had some helpful insight:
“It is interesting how you categorize them neatly like you did.
So some providers only provide one or more of these
solutions I guess. E-loyalty provides a good live help. I am
not sure if they target one market segment only…but the
technology is there…check it out and tell me what you think

More suggestions followed:

E: “I am an eCRM recruitment consultant. From what I
have noticed on the market, the 2 best eCRM products are
ATG Dynamo (Java based) and siebel seems
to be a good runner up.”

GS: “Check out the following: and for the solutions. Also check out and for content.”

DH: “For live online help…see which
was just purchased by www.livepersoncom”

SC: “At AbleCommerce our main focus is shopping cart
and auction building software but we have just rolled out a
customer service package called iCommunicate. Check us
out at On the homepage go to
services and click on iCommunicate. The system enables
your site with incident management, email tracking, live one
on one chat, and searchable knowledge base builder.”


AL: chimed in with this final recommendation:
“I have not seen anyone mention E.piphany in response to
BR's inquiry about CRM solutions. A client of mine is
considering them right now. I attended a customer forum of
theirs in NYC recently. The product, which is used by most notably, appears to be quite powerful.
Two Amazon people made a presentation at the forum; their
segment was easily the highlight of the afternoon (not
counting the free buffet of course).

Here's the link:”

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