Analytics Changes the CIO Role

Mark J

Updated · Nov 22, 2010

As business analytics and predictive analytics become indispensable to business strategy and execution the industry is experiencing a rippling through entire organizations from supply chains to merchandising to sales and more. As reported in this
article on Information Week, this is because companies and other large organizations are now gaining the ability to anticipate with great clarity what customers will want and when they'll want it and how they'll want it.

“The good news for CIOs—both the forward-looking types that have already begun to embrace analytics from a revenue-enhancing perspective as well as those still stuck on tactics—is that the market offers lots of choices and approaches to this wild new field.

“For example, Tibco CEO Vivek Ranadive says that big companies like IBM, Oracle, and SAP are coming at this very modern problem with legacy approaches.”

Read the Full Story at Information Week

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