Anaplan Rolls out Supply Chain Apps

Sean Michael

Updated · Mar 18, 2015

Supply chain management is an area of the enterprise that is ripe for the disruption of cloud-based software, according to Folia Grace, vice president, Product Marketing of Anaplan.

“The way companies attempt to match supply to demand today, with piecemeal products and spreadsheets, is a slow and painful process fraught with error,” she said in a statement, noting that overproduction results in high inventory costs while under production leads to missed opportunity costs.

Today Anaplan launched a suite of supply chain planning apps built on its cloud platform, including apps for demand planning, supply planning and executive sales and operations Planning (S&OP).  

Using an integrated planning platform like Anaplan's delivers two big benefits to companies, Grace said: the ability to view plans in real time from supply to demand and from customer to partner; and the ability to make changes on the fly if and when needed.

“Companies can now proactively capture market opportunities. Their goal is to have real-time visibility and agility to truly be demand-driven, capturing all the opportunity and investing in just the right amount of supply — which ultimately increases profits,” said Anaplan CEO Fred Laluyaux in a statement.

The new supply chain planning apps can be downloaded from Anaplan’s App Hub, an application store similar to Salesforce's AppExchange, featuring enterprise applications from Anaplan customers and partners including HP, McAfee, Deloitte and Workforce Insight.

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