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Robyn Greenspan

Updated · Nov 30, 2001

Getting customers involved through interactive elements is an effective method for cultivating relationships while also garnering critical feedback from your visitors. Surveys, questionnaires, and polls can reveal a lot about your visitors and offer insight on how your site can be optimized.

Quask's FormCaster and FormArtist are visually creative products that generate user surveys and forms with enhanced graphics and eye-catching images. Both applications offer a fun method for engaging visitors in interactive surveys and thereby aiding your information gathering and data collection.

Asked and Answered

FormCaster is for the non-technical user, allowing the surveys to be hosted on Quask's secure server. FormArtist works best for Webmasters or more technically proficient users whereby surveys can be integrated directly into the site from the user's own server. The process works very simply, whichever application you choose:

  • Each survey is easily designed through an array of program tools and prompts.
  • Visually interesting emoticons, graphics and sound are added, bringing some animated elements to the survey.
  • Finalized forms are saved, published and readied for distribution.
  • Contacts are collected from the address book, and the personalized greeting is added.
  • Quask can deliver the completed survey as e-mail — either through link or embedded form.
  • With the click of a button, the survey can also be broadcast from your Web site. FormArtist users can embed the form directly into a Web page.
  • Quask will collect the data and send it to you in an easy to read and understand report in either table data, completed form, or Microsoft Excel data.

Pricing ranges from $99 to $2999, depending on the level of service desired, with trial and test downloads available.

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