Astea Brings Remote Access to Comm-Tract Staff

Updated · Oct 15, 2001

Astea International Inc.’s AllianceEnterprise Suite has been selected by voice and data network integration services specialists Comm-Tract Corp. The comprehensive Astea software solution will integrate and automate Comm-Tract’s sales force automation, project management, customer service, field service and depot repair.

AllianceEnterprise Suite will enable Comm-Tract to provide remote system access for over 100 mobile sales and service employees, as well as an Internet portal for Comm-Tract’s customers to more easily track the status of work. With more than 4,000 systems, 1 million ports of voice and data communications equipment and 10 million feet of fiber optic cable, remote connection will allow Comm-Tract to enhance support for the customers who utilize their high-performance cabling systems, fiber optic network systems, LAN and WAN enterprise networks.

“As Comm-Tract Corp. continues to grow, it is imperative that we sustain and improve the levels of service, customer satisfaction and profitability that make us successful,” said Steve Dickie, vice president of operations. “AllianceEnterprise will increase efficiencies throughout our sales and service processes and empower Comm-Tract to attain even higher standards of service quality and responsiveness to the growing number of customers we serve.”

AllianceEnterprise was selected for its easy functionality and configuration capabilities. The service management and project management modules can be adapted to accommodate Comm-Tract’s specific needs and the integrated customer contact center module with phone, fax and e-mail capabilities also includes customer self-service via an Internet portal.

Comm-Tract’s accounting manager, Linda Averill, encapsulates the benefits of using the Astea solution: “Everyone will be connected and have access to more timely information. Our field personnel will be able to expedite their posting of hours, material and closing out orders. Our sales force using the integrated sales module will be able to directly book an order from an approved quotation. We anticipate substantial savings in man-hours from many tasks and procedures that without AllianceEnterprise we have had to perform outside of our current system. Aside from the benefits to our operating costs, we’ll do an even better job of serving our customers.”

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