Astera Simplifies Real-time Data Integration

Phil Britt

Updated · Apr 21, 2014

Astera Software, a provider of data integration solutions, has introduced Centerprise Rt, software that combines the Centerprise data integration platform with the capability for rapid development, deployment and management of data services that integrate data in real time between cloud-based and on-premise databases.

According to the company, the software supports complex hierarchical request and response structures. With Centerprise Rt, businesses can create Web services that integrate and share data of any complexity with partners, customers and vendors/suppliers. Because all stakeholders access the same assets, risks and costs are reduced and performance is optimized.

Using Centerprise Rt, organizations can create and publish dataflows as Web services to outside entities, which provides 24/7 interaction within the organization’s central interface through a wide range of systems and devices. The Centerprise drag-and-drop user interface allows this to be done without writing code. This ability to rapidly create data services enables companies to make data available on demand via the Web, enhancing connectivity between internal systems and business partners.

“We live in an on-demand world where immediate access to data can have a major impact on business intelligence and time-dependent, business-critical decisions,” said Ibrahim Surani, president and CEO of Astera, in a statement.

According to the company, Centerprise Rt employs an event-driven approach to real-time integration. Events can include messages arriving on a message queue, calls to Centerprise Rt dataflow Web services, file drops, new email, changes to a database table, custom events and more.

A demo is available on Astera's website, as well as the option to download a 30-day free trial.

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