AT&T Calls on WRQ Staff

Updated · Aug 20, 2001

Telecommunications giant AT&T will utilize WRQ Inc.'s Verastream Host IntegratorTM in an effort to improve customer service satisfaction and call response times. WRQ, a Seattle-based integration and management solutions company, simplified existing AT&T call center processes while unifying access to customer records and information contained on its legacy host system — all within a four week period.

AT&T's more than one million customer records on three distinct host legacy systems means that customer information is viewed on different screens, creating a time-consuming process. Of the WRQ system, Chris Byler, rapid applications development manager at AT&T Global Customer Care said, “We have trimmed our response time to customer requests from seven minutes to an impressive 30 seconds or less. Our customer service representatives can now focus more of their attention on solving our customer issues rather than navigating multiple screens and multiple applications.”

WRQ VerastreamTM was implemented to streamline billing, inquiry and customer calls. Verastream requires no re-engineering of legacy host systems to interface them with other applications. As a result, Verastream allowed AT&T to quickly integrate its legacy systems without altering or moving the data and logic, providing a quick time to market.

“Verastream permits organizations to rapidly implement new, Web-based applications that leverage existing legacy systems and data, a key advantage for fast-moving businesses,” said Shaun Wolfe, president and chief operating officer at WRQ. “Verastream has provided AT&T with an unobtrusive and cost effective method to transform its legacy host systems into a foundation for a variety of new Web applications.”

AT&T stated that since deploying WRQ® Verastream Host IntegratorTM, they saved $750,000 while also achieving increased employee productivity and enhanced customer service.

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