Augmented Reality for the Enterprise

Mark J

Updated · Feb 09, 2010

SAP is exploring methods of incorporating augmented reality into its business apps.

SAP is looking at ways to incorporate the Layar augmented reality (AR) browser into its enterprise applications.

"On the SAP Web 2.0 blog, Timo Elliott calls it ‘Augmented Corporate Reality,’" writes ReadWriteEnterprise’s Alex Williams. "The AR application is so far is only a concept, but it clearly demonstrates how SAP Business Objects could fit with Layar."

"The application works like any data that is integrated with Layar," Williams writes. "Elliott opened up his Google Nexus One and activated the camera. Layar connected to SAP Business Objects to find the businesses closest to the location… The Business Objects information shows a company’s sales performance. The direction of the arrow shows how it’s trending."

Click on the following to read the ReadWriteEnterprise article: SAP’s Proof of Concept for Augmented ‘Corporate’ Reality

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