AvantGo Puts CRM in the Hands of Sales Prof’ls

EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff

Updated · Jul 09, 2001

by eCRMGuide.com Staff

Mobile infrastructure software and service provider AvantGo has released its first packaged mobile application — AvantGo Mobile SalesTM. The mobile sales force automation application will wirelessly support all of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Wireless HandheldsTM, Microsoft Pocket PC-based and Palm OS-based handheld devices.

The standalone application allows sales professionals to view and update critical sales information from leading customer relationship management (CRM) applications, such as Onyx, Oracle and Siebel Systems with their personal digital assistants and Internet-enabled phones. Additionally, AvantGo Mobile Sales provides wireless access even when a persistent wireless connection is unavailable or interrupted allowing sales professionals to manage customer relationships while keeping sales management armed with up-to-date information.

“Our goal with AvantGo Mobile Sales is to package the knowledge and experience that we’ve gained with our existing products and services into a shrink-wrapped software application that plugs and plays with existing sales automation applications,” said Richard Owen, AvantGo’s CEO. “AvantGo Mobile Sales delivers pervasive information access at the point of customer activity, keeping sales professionals better informed and prepared for every customer interaction. Because customers aren’t interested in excuses, this solution is designed to continue working under real life conditions, such as when wireless signals fade or fail.”

Key features of the new AvantGo Mobile Sales application include:

  • Access to critical sales information — opportunities, new leads, accounts and notes.
  • Tight integration with existing sales force automation applications and data sources — mobilizes existing data.
  • Alerts — keeps sales professionals informed and ready for any type of customer interaction.
  • Updated opportunities and accounts — accelerates information flow from the field to sales management.
  • Access to branded mobile Internet content — time-sensitive information at sales representatives’ fingertips about customers and competitors.

Founded in 1997, AvantGo delivers real-world solutions for both wireless and offline use. AvantGo mobile Internet service is a hosted network that enables hundreds of businesses to deliver their content and applications to more than 2.5 million mobile consumers.

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