BonitaSoft Open Source BPM Supports Cloud Deployments

Mark J

Updated · Feb 04, 2011

BonitaSoft has recently announced the release of version 5.4 of its open source BPM platform, Bonita Open Solution. As noted in this CMS Wire report, the latest release continues BonitaSofts' crusade to democratize BPM by providing an easy to use BPM platform with features that rival commercial vendors.

“The Bonita CEO also said that many BPM companies do not consider that automating a business process may not be the last step of BPM for organizations. Applications are built on top of the processes in many cases. Bonita strives to make processes as easy to use as they are to build.

“Ease of use — BonitaSoft might just be on to something.

“Valdés-Faura told CMSWire that version 5.4 is really a maturity release. The last few versions before 5.4 added significant new functionality. The latest release includes enhancements, but has a strong focus on stabilizing and streamlining the platform.”

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