Borrow Bucks, Get Some Miles

Beth Cox

Updated · Apr 02, 2002

Online loan operation LendingTree Inc. struck a mileage incentive marketing
deal with four of the nation’s top airlines that lets customers get frequent
flyer miles for home mortgage, home equity or auto loans.

The Charlotte, N.C.-based company said it has signed
deals with
Delta Air Lines, US Airways, Northwest Airlines and Continental Airlines.

To participate, consumers access a co-branded
LendingTree Web site
, powered by LendingTree’s Lend-X technology. For
every $10,000 transacted for a mortgage, home equity, or auto loan, the
consumer can earn 1,250 miles in a participating airline’s frequent flyer
program, and for every $10,000 in a home’s sale and/or purchase amount the
consumer can earn 3,000 miles in most states.

For example, if a consumer sells, buys, and finances a $200,000 home, the
completed process results in 145,000 airline miles that the consumer will
receive upon closing these transactions.

Founded in 1996, LendingTree operates a market that is
made up of more than 140 banks, lenders, and brokers.

Beth Cox
Beth Cox

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