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Updated · Jan 22, 2014

Brainshark, a provider of cloud-based software used for business presentations, has released several packaged applications designed to make it easier for customers to purchase and use video presentation technology geared toward specific functional needs. The packages include the Brainshark Sales Cloud, Brainshark Marketing Cloud and Brainshark Learning Cloud.

According to the company, its cloud-based technology makes it easy to convert static documents such as PowerPoints into interactive and trackable online videos and mobile-ready presentations.

The new offerings geared toward specific business functions include:

  • Learning Cloud, which can be used to quickly create, deploy and manage mobile-ready presentations, courses and curriculums for e-learning and mobile learning needs. Employees, partners and other audiences click to access the content for formal training and certification, as well as informal “just-in-time” learning. Through detailed reporting, management can track enrollment, viewing behavior, course completion, exam scores and more.
  • Marketing Cloud, which can be used to capture the attention of Web visitors, prospects, customers and partners. Using Brainshark’s analytics, marketers can measure the effectiveness of inbound marketing, email campaigns, social media and event promotion. Integration with marketing automation systems makes it easy to identify, score and nurture leads.
  • Sales Cloud, a sales enablement solution for sales training and onboarding, prospecting and social selling, and both on-demand and live presentation needs. According to Brainshark, it helps sales teams ramp up faster, maximize selling time and forecast more accurately. Analytics help reps identify hot prospects and ways to increase prospecting results, while giving managers insight into sales rep activity and best practices.

“As organizations today reach more global and on-the-go audiences, face greater competition and navigate a more complex sales landscape, it’s critical they improve the speed, ease and overall impact of their communications,” said Brainshark President Greg Flynn. “Our new cloud packages make it even easier to apply Brainshark’s award-winning technology to solve sales, marketing and training challenges.”

Brainshark also introduced an Analytics Dashboard designed to be used with all of the packages. The dashboard provides a single-screen representation of real-time presentation viewing data, including drill-down capabilities for insights on audience activity and engagement, so individual users can see how their content is performing and take action.

In addition to new packages, the Analytics Dashboard will also be included in all current Brainshark subscriptions.

Dashboard views can be viewed by role, so content authors, managers and administrators can each access key metrics. Authors can view usage data and charts related to their own presentations to help identify successful content and hot prospects, and assess overall presentation effectiveness. Managers can view both team and individual activity, and administrators can view activity across the organization.

Among other dashboard features:

  • An activity feed provides real-time information on content that has been recently watched, created, shared and more, offering a play-by-play of activity and helping users stay abreast of trends.
  • Users can identify the average percent of slides viewed by their audience to determine and improve presentation impact, and click report graphics to see more details, including which presentations are generating the most engagement.
  • A geolocation feature shows where content is being viewed, helping users determine reach and most receptive audiences.
  • Viewing charts help users see which presentations are the most popular, as well as the most recently viewed, and then drill down to see the specifics on who viewed the content, when and for how long.
  • In-depth report access offers an environment where users can create detailed reports and choose fields for inclusion, apply advanced filters and even schedule reports for regular delivery.

According to Brainshark, its customers include half of the Fortune 100.

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