BrassRing Enhances TRM Software Staff

Updated · Jan 15, 2002

BrassRing, the Waltham, Mass.-based provider of Talent Relationship Management (TRM) systems, today announced that it has added new features to BrassRing Enterprise, its ASP and on-site solution.

BrassRing says the enhancements allow recruiters to chat live with candidates online, offer a new remote data loading option, and the addition of Spanish, Dutch and Italian options to its International Talent Gateway service.

With the new additions, BrassRing now offers six different languages including French, German and International English.

“BrassRing is committed to pioneering new ways for companies to develop closer relationships with both prospective and current employees through Talent Relationship Management,” says Mike Gioja, president of BrassRing Systems, a division of BrassRing.

“With the new enhancements to the Enterprise platform, BrassRing is continuing to push the envelope with technology and functionality in the TRM market,” he adds.

BrassRing Enterprise Live Chat is designed so that companies can interact directly with visitors to their Web sites. The application had been integrated with BrassRing Talent Gateways, which the firm says allows recruiters to instantly answer prospective candidate’s questions, helping to build better relationships.

A further feature, BrassRing Enterprise iLoad had been designed so that hiring managers can capture key interview information and assessments offline via a PDA device or laptop, which can then be uploaded into Enterprise.

BrassRing says this TRM process streamlines the campus or offsite recruiting process by eliminating the need to re-enter paper or offline form data when the user returns to the office.

Founded in 1999, BrassRing is consider a pioneer of TRM systems and serves over 200 enterprise-level clients aimed at streamlining the building of relationships with job candidates and current employees.

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