BSkyB Wins CRM Lawsuit

Mark J

Updated · Jan 27, 2010

The company is claiming B#700 million in damages from EDS.

A judge has ruled in favor of BSkyB in its lawsuit against EDS and HP over a failed CRM deployment.

"BSkyB is claiming about B#700m in damages from EDS — many times the value of the original system," writes Computer Weekly’s Tony Collins. "It alleged — and the judge, Justice Vivian Ramsey, has accepted — that EDS’s bid team made fraudulent misrepresentations to win the business to supply and install CRM software to run BSkyB’s new contact center."

"EDS denied the allegations during the court hearings, attributing the project cost and time overruns to the undefined scope of BSkyB’s requirements," Collins writes. "Its QC Mark Barnes said during the dispute, ‘The main problem with this project was that it was wholly unspecified. Sky knew that it wanted a super-dooper CRM system, but had little more idea of what it wanted or needed.’"

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