Build Relationships With ‘Next-Best’ Customers

Mark J

Updated · Apr 23, 2010

One of the great things about CRM is that it allows you to discover who your best customers are and who are best over time. This article on CRM Buyer takes a look at CRM and how to build relationships with the certain percentage of customers who could likely be your next best customer.

“Analytical tools are great for giving you a high-altitude view of your customers and how they relate to your business. That’s valuable. However, as many CRM thinkers — most notably SugarCRM Vice President of Strategic Solutions Mitch Lieberman — have pointed out, the real aim of modern CRM is to scale up the kinds of relationships we’ve had with customers in the past. That means making them feel valued and attached to your company; it doesn’t mean treating them as if they were statistics.

“The numbers lead some to become wrapped up in the abstract and to forget who customers are — people.

“The nadir of this is the idea of ‘firing your customers,’ a concept that fades in and out of fashion every few years. Some companies have established percentages — as in, ‘Each year we ‘fire’ 5 percent of our customers who are the lowest in sales.'”

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