Business Analytics, Web Analytics… and Now Content Analytics

Mark J

Updated · Oct 11, 2010

The world of business intelligence (BI), analytics and information management changes frequently based on technological advancements and new strategies to make use of all the data businesses collect and manage. This report on CMS Wire dives into the topic of content intelligence: a new strategy for examining relationships that exists between content analytics, smart content and business intelligence.

“Content analytics can be seen as business intelligence (BI) for/from content, as text (rather than number) crunching that generates insights to improve business outcomes. The two practices, content analytics and BI, certainly share motivations. If you don't analyze your content/data, you may be missing opportunities and running risks.

“For content publishers, analytics drives better targeted content delivery, expanded audiences, and secondary uses and new distribution channels. These outcomes add up to profit. On the flip side, they are matched by reduced risk and cost avoidance given possibilities for more complete, more accurate compliance screening, e-discovery, and storage management.

“Analytics also boosts value for users. Semantic search, faceted navigation, and content annotation/enrichment create findability and improve user experience and value for users. They also let users treat content like data. Call the goal ‘content intelligence,' enabled by ‘smart content.'”

Read the Full “This is Content Intelligence, According to 4 Experts” Story at CMS Wire

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