Business Intelligence and the Enterprise IT Evolution

Mark J

Updated · Dec 15, 2010

There is a new enterprise IT architecture that emerges from a reevaluation of modern business intelligence (BI) needs and technologies. This ongoing series of articles on BeyeNetwork describes the practicalities of moving from today’s business intelligence environment to the new world of BI to the power of two.

“The alternative to moving to a new architecture is mainly a case of staying with what we’ve got and continuing to add to it in an ad hoc fashion, as we’ve now been doing for nearly twenty years. The alternative to BI2 is to stand aside and watch competing and overlapping approaches develop in our current three-way-siloed operational / informational / collaborative environment. The alternative is a continuation of the current user-unfriendly, business-destructive conglomeration of systems that have evolved over the past two decades and more. This leads clearly to the answer to the second question: it may be too hard for IT to change it, but isn’t it really so much harder for business users to live with it?”

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