Business Intelligence Data Mash-Up

Mark J

Updated · Feb 10, 2011

Data mash-up within Business Intelligence (BI) applications can be another useful tool to be added to the BI application – but it must not be utilized to the detriment of the core principles of any BI solution. As noted in this DataBase Journal article, Mash-ups enable nontechnical users to build dynamic views of disparate data that are personalized, context-rich, role-tailored, and ad hoc to explore this data in greater depth.

“The first mash-ups used mapping services or photo services to combine these services with data of any kind and therefore create visualizations of the data. In the beginning, most mash-ups were consumer-based, but recently the mash-up is to be seen as an interesting concept useful also to enterprises. Business mash-ups can combine existing internal data with external services to create new views on the data.”

Read the Full Story at DataBase Journal

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