Business Intelligence for the Mid-Market

Mark J

Updated · Nov 10, 2010

The business intelligence (BI) market is constantly changing leaving providers to try and stay ahead of the technology curve. As noted in this Beye Network article, the changing BI market leaves both sides — vendor and organizations — to play a dance of challenge as vendors strive for innovation and business users struggle to achieve value.

“Many SMBs are no longer new to business intelligence. A few years ago, there was a market push to expand toward the mid-market through the development of solutions that were less expensive and quicker to deploy. In addition, niche offerings, software as a service (SaaS), commercial open source, and newer entrants to the market helped with broader adoption within small and mid-sized organizations. Consequently, many businesses have adopted these technologies and are actively interacting with business intelligence on a daily basis. Therefore, the issue is no longer on adoption, but rather on using BI effectively and in a way that provides value to the business.

“Although many SMBs actively interact with business intelligence, many are unsure of the exact ROI it provides or how to integrate all required data into a singular view to develop strategic metrics. The technology and interactivity might be there, but the goal of improved visibility and how to take BI use to the next level may be lacking. In essence, for these organizations, a large gap exists. The drive and desire to implement cutting-edge technology and adopt the newest BI solutions available compete with the ability to get business value out of what exists.”

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