Business Intelligence Goes Open Source

Mark J

Updated · Aug 09, 2010

According to this Express Computer report, The concept of Open Source Business Intelligence (OSBI) is slowly emerging as a trend across the globe, thanks to its proven power, capabilities, and cost advantages.

“Although, only a small number of typical open source adopters have the technical acumen and capacity to exploit this option, for some it represents a dramatic source of business value unmatched by any closed-source alternative. Fully mature open source solutions provide a great number of options not offered by the closed-source model.

“According to industry experts, the market adoption of OSBI in 2010 is expected to double every year for the next three years. Although, the global financial crunch saw a number of companies across verticals tighten their budget strings and curtail their spending, the industry is now moving towards recovery mode with the singular objective of achieving cost efficiencies.”

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